When looking for a lawyer, I deeply understand that it is usually a very distressful time in my client’s life–probably one of the most difficult periods that is ever encountered. I understand this most of all and approach my representation in a very careful, diligent, yet very sympathetic manner. I truly care about the clients I represent.

Arthur M. Frank has been a respected trial attorney for over 40 years.

Experience and commitment are the true cornerstones of the law firm Arthur founded in 1977, after graduating magna cum laude from undergraduate school and then from the University of Baltimore School of Law. At the age of 21, Arthur became the youngest lawyer in Maryland, completing both college and law school in just over 3 years.

Arthur has appeared in courts in every county (and Baltimore City) throughout the State of Maryland. He has argued court cases all over the country. His cases have included numerous high profile trials, many of which received coverage on the nightly news.

Arthur was found qualified to serve as a judge by the Maryland Trial Courts Judicial Nominating Commission.

Arthur M. Frank has extensive experience with handling just about every kind of legal issue imaginable.


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