The Law Offices of Arthur M. Frank, P.A. is dedicated to representing individuals and businesses throughout the State of Maryland who have been investigated, accused, and/or charged in any type of criminal matters.

Arthur M. Frank, Esquire, has over 40 years of criminal defense experience in all areas of the criminal law, ranging from complex felonies to misdemeanors, and, including murder, robbery, DWI/DUI, drug related charges, assaults, white collar, and political prosecutions. He has aggressively handled many high-profile cases that have been on the front news pages and on television. Many of our referrals come from other attorneys throughout the State.

We have the experience required to aggressively and creatively defend people against major criminal felonies and misdemeanors, drunk driving, serious traffic, juvenile charges and other offenses throughout the State of Maryland.

Mr. Frank works hard and diligently to save his clients their freedom, jobs, reputation, families, and homes, including his client’s driving privileges in cases arising from motor vehicle violations.

If you have been arrested, questioned as part of an investigation, or charged with a crime in Maryland, call Arthur M. Frank for a free and extensive case evaluation.

When you hire our firm, it is Arthur Frank himself who will represent you in every stage of your case and will appear in court with you when the time comes.

Record Expungement

Did you know that in many cases our law firm can assist you in expunging your criminal records (even the arrest itself, including records of fingerprints, mug-shots, etc.)? You will then be able to legally deny that you were ever arrested and/or charged with a crime! Expunging our clients’ records, where appropriate, is included at no extra charge with our representation of your case. Contact us today to find out more.